n most cases you need a simple tool that could perform the basic tasks of data input, saving, processing and reading. A tool that could run on any device. And I decided to create a similar tool for personal needs.

This tool solves following tasks:
1. It helps to build logical plot lines. This is useful when you are creating your own games.
2. It builds its own stages of studying any material in a hierarchical form, which are not provided by ordinary online courses.
3. Functions - when a node has a specific task.
4. It has visual programming.
These are just a few of the tasks that this tool can solve. You can come up with more.

Technology stack:
- server side - Python, Django. PostgreSQL Database
- client side - JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap.
This is a personal project. It was created out of curiosity and, of course, for further internal use.

#node #browser #js #javascript #django #python #postgresql #canvas #узлы #Иерархия #дерево


How does it work?